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2024 Private Treaty Bulls for Sale

We hope this letter finds everyone in good health and in great spirits.  Here at Black Velvet Ranch, want to do everything we can to make the procurement of the bulls for your 2024 breeding season simple and easy.  As always, we can get you an up-to-date bull list and provide you with videos of the available bulls. You can watch the videos, choose your bull and we will deliver right to your ranch or pasture. Just call or text and we can get you the information you need by what ever means works for you. Of course, if you would rather bring your trailer and come take a look, we welcome you to the ranch as well!


We have an outstanding set of virgin 2 year old bulls available for your 2024 breeding season. We offer the two year olds in response to our customers needs, the bigger more mature bull will get those bigger cows bred and breed 10 to 15 more cows than a yearling. We strive to produce bulls that fit all stages of the industry.  The bulls are packed with maternal traits to get the calves on the ground and get them on to weaning, the calves themselves are designed to add to that mothers ability and get to weaning with outstanding efficiency, then take off in the feeding end and then provide outstanding carcass traits to make the very best steaks you can buy. 


The bulls have been developed on a forage diet, never pushed and allowed to develop on their own.  We believe this makes bulls that are ready to work and can handle the riggers of a breeding season, as well as they are currently running out on open range getting plenty of exercise so they are physically fit for your breeding season.  The listed 2 year olds have been fertility and Trich tested by the staff at Ulysses Veterinary Hospital and should be ready to go! The bulls are located at the ranch northwest of Syracuse.

We want to be your genetic source, let us know what we can do for you!  Let us put together a group deal or work with you on selecting the specific individual that best suits your needs.


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your visit.  Please call with any questions.  We hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous 2024!



Black Velvet Ranch

The Plunketts – Aaron, Liz, Kate and Austin   

Aaron Plunkett    ~     P.O. Box 881   ~   Syracuse, Kansas     ~    620-384-1101    ~
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